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Hey guys, sorry for not being as active as I should be. I’m busy with work and the usual.

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whoa what happened huh

Just dramarama. Hopefully everything goes back to normal.


There is too much fighting within the anti community, and I want it to stop now!
What are we four year olds?
Stop hating each other, and focus on Greggles. Trust me, you’ll be much happier and things will be peaceful again.
I’m out. Peace.

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» I think I should post this here, if no one else did

And if they have, this is a good time to remind everyone how great this app is!

This little bugger lets you know who is sending death threats if they have a tumblr account and are logged in. It’s very handy when you need to see who is sending you nasty mail.

Just put it in your Edit HTML area, and voila!

I hope I helped! If you have any questions, feel free to message me or any of us, and I’m sure we can help!


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Hello Blackberry! Hope you have an awesome time as a mod! [: How're you?

Aw, hello! :)

I’m super excited about being a mod of AntiBananas. The other fruities who run it are really awesome and I love them.


» …


We, anti onision people are not hackers.

Dont you know anything about oh i dont know, PUBLIC INFORMATION?

Dont you guys know anything about the internet at this point?

i guess that answer would be no.


We don’t support hacking of any kind. Anything we get is all from public websites.


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Hello my little fruit cocktails. 
 I’m sure you have noticed that we have not been posting all that often…
but fear not because I have some glorious news!
 Today we have a lovely lady joining this little fruit basket we call a blog. Most of our other admins are a bit preoccupied with other things so she has graciously accepted the challenge of keeping up with this blog. 

Join me and give our newest admin a warm welcome…


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» Okay I’m seriously putting my foot down right fucking now!!


I keep hearing about all this quarreling going on between fellow antis. Seems that a portion of the anti onision community is turning against the other. THIS MUST STOP!!! You guys are accomplishing absolutely nothing by being so ugly to each other! Now there is a certain individual that most of us are aware of that is spewing a lot of hate for the anti community and they will remain un-named because to be perfectly honest I don’t know what to make of them. But from what I am hearing there are others that are doing the exact same thing, turning against the community and throwing insults at us. There was even one instance yesterday where A CERTAIN PERSON got all hot-headed with a person I was trying to reason with. (Granted I was a little hot-headed to begin with but I didn’t ask you to back me up and make the person I was trying to talk to feel even more vulnerable!) THIS IS NOT WHAT WE ARE ABOUT!!! WE ARE NOT A TROLL GROUP!!! WE ARE A COMMUNITY UNITED AGAINST ONE ENEMY!!! Sure we’ll poke fun at the Bananas every now and then because yeah it’s fun to get them riled up, but when it comes to each other we shouldn’t be stabbing each other in the back. I still think we are a community guys. I’ve talked to many of you on Tinychat and I know that most of you are very good people. But there are some, and I imagine that I haven’t yet seen these people in our Tinychat hangouts, who need to fucking calm down. If somebody says something you disagree with, explain your feelings to them in a calm manner. Don’t resort to childish insults right off the bat. Because if you do that then you’re no better than the Bananas. SO STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!!!

» Onision and Rape


A Horrible Rebound - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amfEGZj0JP8

And then she goes to insinuate that when we did make love that I was forcing her into it, that I was pressuring her into it and she didn’t really want to. That’s funny coming from someone who has slept with over 20 people.” - Onision (@8:25 mark)

The channel listed above links to his one of his personal channels where the video remains up and running with ads. No one can comment or downgrade it, but it is there.

Onision is talking about his ex AJ, the woman who dared to pen to the world her relationship with him. After he would not let up about her, she decided to get the story out there in full. Part of telling her story was to inform others that Onision pressured her into sex. Simply saying such sent Onision into a full blown rage for weeks. He would not stop talking about AJ. He went on to publicly slander her by telling everyone details of their sex live, how many people she slept with before him, how her vagina smelled bad and he suggested wiping it down, how she was a whore, and overall, generally slut shamed her.

However, this one comment listed above is what sparked a huge outcry in the YouTube community. He pissed off so many people by just saying ‘because you had sex with x amount of people, you can’t claim to be raped’ more or less.


This is also why he was banned from VidCon the first time around. People were so upset that they contacted the people putting VidCon together and advised them of his behaviour. Sure, there were threats made against Onision later down the road, but the reason he was actually banned was because he started pissing off people with his insensitive comments about rape.

Chronicles of Drunk - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfqr-HzDwVA

Hey guys. <User name here> posted to Onision.net/contact asking if it’s rape if you have sex with someone for the first time while they are intoxicated? That being if you have sex with someone after they got drunk or they have sex with you when you got drunk, did you get raped or did you rape them? The answer is no, in my opinion, in a sense that it’s not as bad as actual rape where you force someone to have sex with you against your will. It is however bad in a sense that it’s not the most highest moral thing in the world to do, it is not necessarily how someone wants to start a relationship and in general, it’s not going to be that enjoyable considering the fact that it doesn’t necessarily feel real because you don’t know for sure if they would have sex with you had they not been intoxicated.

I have been in this situation before where someone tried to kiss when they were intoxicated and I resisted — um I dodged the kiss — because of the fact I didn’t feel like it was real and there were many other reasons. But.. uh.. I can’t help but ask myself you know would this person behave this way if they weren’t intoxicated and that’s kinda why I look at it like alcohol is something very irresponsible if you drink a certain amount. It is like when you drink, you are accepting all these risks and that’s kinda part of the reason why rape isn’t really something I would consider it to be because they consensually started drinking in the first place which means they accepted all the potential horrible outcomes that could come out of it; like drunk driving or getting into a fight or, of course, sex with the wrong person. It happens, but the reality is you chose to drink in the first place. <dramatic sigh and glance away from the camera here>

I personally have never had sex with anyone who was drunk, I’ve never even made out with anybody who was drunk and maybe that’s just because I.. don’t hang out with drunk people. Um.. but if you do drink or if someone you do know does drink, and that has happened know that you are not as bad or as worse off as rapist or a victim of rape because of the fact that you consented to drinking in the first place and you consented to having sex while drunk. Now if you were drugged, that is a totally different thing. If you were forced to drink, that is a totally different thing.

So. What do you guys think? Thank you so much for watching and hope this helped. - Onision

Word for word, this is what the video said. I took the time to transcribe this months ago and bold the parts which do not sit well. His logic to how drinking and raping are acceptable because said person doing the activity automatically consents is wrong. Just because you are drinking, smoking, farting, laughing, ect does not mean you are also consenting to having sex with another person. End of story.

Boring in Bed - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hj3FoQnvyc0

Hey guys, some lady posted to Onision.net/contact complaining about her husband touching her in her sleep. And my concern with this is, aren’t you married?

Aren’t you suppose to be sexual with each other? I mean, it’s not like some stranger is touching you in your sleep, it’s not like someone who isn’t supposed to be touching you in your sleep is touching you in your sleep.

It’s like your freaking husband, you’re suppose to be like sexually exciting, explorative and awesome with them. You’re not suppose to be like reclusive and.. ‘Don’t touch me!!’ ‘It’s only appropriate in the missionary position!! and when we are only trying to procreate!!’

But for somebody who is just like married to someone and everything is fine, why can’t the husband or the wife do things to the other person in their sleep?

I myself have had relationships in the past where that was totally appropriate. Like you know, were both parties communicated with each other: ‘I am yours 24/7, I belong to you, you can do most anything you want so long as I am not being hurt’.

Depends on how you take it and want to read it, but based on his advice, he laughing at this woman for not being comfortable with her husband’s unwanted touches. This video also got him into a lot of trouble because it is terrible advice as he has no idea how to actually help people in uncomfortable situations.

I expect someone to pop back and be like ‘wahh it is in the past, he made x amount of videos saying rape is bad’ and you are right, he has. However, he has never taken accountability for the bad advice and comments he has made about rape in general and continues to roll out shitty advice on the topic of rape.

To add to this, he made a nearly 12 minute video titled ‘Rape Apologist’ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UG4_5zstzU) where for most of the video he talks about what it’s like to be a rape victim in the moment. He stares at the camera and speaks about how a victim goes through their day before, during and after the crime takes place. He states he has no idea what it’s like to be raped, but that this is what happens for rape victims.

Which is fucking creepy as shit. What is even creepier is that on his ‘rape prevention site’ look at ‘opportunity 5’ listed below.


He states: I personally have always planned out what I would do in a victimizing situation

So there you have it. A small rundown and breakdown of Onision’s rape comments and being the overall shitty person that he is.


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I can’t believe Lainey’s so ignorant to laugh at University students getting picked up by their parents, then have the audacity to say 

I’m glad you’re married at 18 and have your own car your husband bought you (or maybe you share it.  Not like he has anywhere else to go besides sitting in his office, right?) but some people aren’t so lucky.  Maybe their family only has one car and their parent(s) need to use it while they’re at school.  

And God forbid you’re scoffing because they live with their parents?  Someone staying with their parents while they’re going to school to save up for a place is so laughable.

The recession hit hard for some and hey had to move back in with their parents.  I know that’s something you’ll never have to go through, of course, because Greg takes care of all your finances, but have some compassion for people that aren’t as financially set as you are.  You’re an entitled brat that doesn’t seem like she grasps how difficult the world is.  You’ve been cared for all your life, and you don’t have to work since Greg covers everything.

Life is hard, shut the fuck up.

» A Message to Bananas: Smart - pt.1


Smart can branch into two different parts: educated and clever. Greg is not educated, but he is clever.

"BUT he’s gone through High School and says he even took some college classes!"

But he doesn’t tell you what grades he got or what college courses he took. From what I’ve seen and experienced, I can safely infer that he didn’t do very well paying attention or studying, which can only lead to him knowing just enough to get out of school, but nothing more. Wanna know how I know?

  1. He thought slaves were treated better than he currently was over the alimony agreement. That they were given food, water, and medical help when a vast majority of this is incredibly incorrect. They were starved and worked to the point where they fell ill or died…Anyway, he makes more than enough money and can manage to support his ex-wife who has to live with her mother in order to keep off the streets.
  2. That when someone wants to kill or hurt themselves it’s for attention when he hasn’t read a single paper, article, textbook, or even consulted a professional over the effects of the off-balance chemistry of the brain, how words can stab right through someone’s self-esteem and self-worth, how when people never feel wanted, never feel needed, that they truly believe that they need to hurt themselves to feel something or think that they’d be much better off dead.
  3. That there’s no research needed to be done when owning an animal you’ve never had experience dealing with before. Only do it AFTER you irresponsibly left it out too long in a plastic bin and then released this information to the public without admitting that it was your fault and thinking that you were somehow not going to be criticized for your actions.


What’s more valuable than having 400 fake friends? Having 0 friends. At least you won’t be surprised when you’re in need, and no one shows.

Act like a decent human being and treat people with respect and maybe you’d have some fucking friends. 

Oh but that’s right.. you are who you wish to be… 
Isn’t it just a shame that you wish to be a fucking asshole all the time. 


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I am getting so excited for everyone to start turning on Onion. It'll be great. He will have no allies. Other than his flock of sheep. I feel like it won't be much longer until Lainey tries running, as well.

I hope so. Even if she still “loves him” or whatever she needs to figure out that he is in no position to raise a child. 

- Bombegranate

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